Friday, July 18, 2014

{editorial} MakeSpace

If you live in a city like NYC, I don't have to explain how valuable space is. Even though I have a decent sized one-bedroom apartment of my own, closet space, and room to stack storage bins out of sight, I can never seem to have enough room. I DO have a shoe/bag/clothing problem.

I hate clutter. I hate the amount of books I have that I know I will never read again, but still won't get rid of. Winter boots that take up a beautiful vintage trunk in my living room because I have no where else to hide them during warmer months. The wasted space on thick cable knit sweaters and down coats.  [exhale]

I have never had a storage space because I'm lazy and the thought of renting a car/calling a cab to take you back and forth and lifting boxes by myself is not ideal and it is pricey. That was, until I was contacted by the brilliant minds over at MakeSpace and they opened my eyes the same way Uber has for transportation. 

Ok, so here is how it works. You create an account and schedule a time for their team to drop off bins to your door. You pack them up [mine included the random mixing of blankets, boots, more shoes, and travel books above that are more depressing than helpful], label each bin and schedule a pick up.

Here's the best part. Once THE nicest "Upload Team" comes and takes it all away, they create a virtual catalogue, a "Closet in the Cloud" if you will, of everything you are storing and which bin it's in. So, say in 3 months I'm ready for a heavier coat [heaven's forbid], I can log into my account, see which bin it's in, and schedule it to have it dropped off to my door. !!!!

Because they aren't awesome enough already, they have just launched a partnership with Goodwill NY/NJ for a donation tie-in [my weak spot]. They are supplying customers with a huge blue bag that a grown adult can fit in [trust me, I tried it] to put in anything you want to donate and they take it from you. For me, I focused on the bulkier items that I can't take on mass transit to drop off somewhere - gently used coats, shoes, bags, sweaters, a comforter - all those items that you hold on to for the sole purpose of just not knowing what else to do with them.

Ok, I need to wind down, but you know by now how excited I get by things that make life easier. Anything that can save a few moments in a New Yorker's life is worth a bit of a cheer.

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