Monday, November 16, 2015

{in my kitchen} breakfast skillet

This is a story of a girl who was too lazy to write down the ingredients needed for a festive breakfast skillet, so she just threw in what she remembered at the grocery store + wished for the best. Good news, the results were delicious [melted, burnt skillet cheese, mmmm). Bad news, the skillet didn't make it out of the sink. It will be missed.

photo: Robin West

This "recipe" included:
  • eggs
  • jack cheddar cheese (threw in as cubes on top)
  • small tomatoes on the vine
  • cilantro
  • diced red onions
I'm off on a European roadtrip this week, but will be posting along the way over on Instagram. See ya there!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

{style} a fall hat for the weekends

Wearing: Goorin Bros. Maise Lock Felt Fedora, APC cashmere tee [old, similar here + here], Banana Republic embellished collared shirt, [old, similar here + here], Gap high rise skinnies, Loeffler Randall snakeskin flats [old, similar here], vintage Gucci tote.

This is the first year that I can honestly say that I haven't gone shopping for fall. While it's my favorite season + I usually start shopping in late July/early August, it just never happened. It's possible that my trip to Tulum put me in a mind state that I never wanted to get out of. Still don't.

Since I usually wear the same few key pieces for work during the week, when I came across a gift card for the ever fabulous Goorin Bros., I figured a bright colored hat could be the way to jumpstart my wardrobe for a bit more playfulness on the weekends.

I found this unique vintage Gucci tote in the window of a lovely shop in Brera while I was in Milan last year + so thankful I spotted it. I usually only carried it for work [surprisingly the perfect size for a laptop] + was a bit timid to use such a structured bag for weekend use, but this outfit was calling for it.

Since the hat, the structured tote + the collared shirt could be a bit more on the tailored/menswear-inspired spectrum, the hidden detail of the embellished collar, the snakeskin flats + the leather bow on the side of the hat add the much needed, subtle feminine touch.  While I'm not a fan of diamonds usually, throw some bling on my clothes + I am as happy as a seagull with a fry.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

{beauty} how to find the perfect perfume

I'm a creature of habit, so once I find a scent that my throat does not close up to - whether it be a candle or a perfume - I usually continue to pump the scent for years. When I first heard of the Le Labo brand a few years back, I scoffed at the price + tuned out while my friend continued to tell me why it's worth it.  Having been re-introduced to it last year + actually listening to the "why" the brand is unique [it's amazing how much more we/I listen when a handsome man is the one talking], I found myself at the beauty counter during a lunch break trying to figure out which scent I could adopt as my own.

I became drawn to the blend of white florals in Lys 41 - a blend of jasmine, tuberose + lily - which I was surprised with since overly floral or decadent parfums are the ones which bother me. [To be clear, my throat doesn't close up bc of allergies, just leftover PTSD from relatives that would bathe in bottles of disgustingly strong perfumes + then hug young children, leaving you in a blanket of scented filth.]

Then, I watched as Marcus did something I've never seen before: he created a fresh batch to be bottled right before my eyes. This is the attention to detail that the brand is known for - fresh scents blended with respect, and personalized labeling to remember the date it was created + the magician that poured the potion. While I did this for myself first, I went back a few weeks later to create a personalized scent for my mom for the holidays which she loved. 

The interesting thing that happened immediately were my colleagues asking me what I was wearing. Apparently, this scent was mixing wonderfully with the Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil that I slather on in the colder months [night + day difference, ladies], creating an even more personalized scent. [I honestly get more comments on the days when I'm wearing both than the days I forgot the oil].

Note: if the price gives you sticker shock, they offer 0.5 oz sampling for $6 each if you want to test them before you fully commit.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

{style} the perfect fall jumpsuit

Wearing: Anton Heunis earrings (similar color), vintage wool romper (similar), vintage snakeskin belt, Zara clutch & pumps (both last season, similar here & here), Ray-Ban gold aviators.

Hi. I am Robin, and I am addicted to rompers. I really, really do. Some might say #ihavethisthingwithrompers. Short versions... printed versions... but none compare to this beauty that I discovered in my favorite little antique shop back home in Jersey. It's so 80's - the pleating, the oversized arms, the line-backer shoulder pads I removed immediately upon bringing home - but a 'good' 80's. AND, other girls go crazy for rompers too, so you can expect many, many "cute romper!!" compliments coming your way, which is always nice for the ego.

I love everything about this specific one, even the pale pink color which I can't say I own anything else even near this color story. But the thing I like the most is that it's as close to a tailored pant suit that I could probably get without looking like I am trying too hard [in NYC this isn't totally there].

One thing to remember here with a pant romper is the lack of ease when in need of relieving your bladder. Sooo, maybe work isn't the easiest or most comfortable place to head to. It's all fun + games until you're sitting half naked in a bathroom stall at work...

While these Anton Heunis earrings are not subtle + not really day appropriate [slightly heavy for more than a few hours], I find them the perfect companion to take this outfit to a date night level. They were almost too matchy for me, but I felt like I needed something a bit more 'hard' to make it not so feminine.

What do you think?

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