Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{photo diary} St. Maarten round 2

What is there really to say...

Here's the short of it. I really needed a vacation, like, really really needed a vacation. So much so that through apparent brain damage from too much work and not enough balance, I didn't even think to check my passport until the night before my trip. Sooo, though my planned vaca started out in the NY Passport Agency instead of on my original flight, I finally got my ass to St. Maarten [again] and indulged in all the glory that the island encompasses with two of my dearest friends.

From this experience I have learned a few things. First, don't let work take over your life to the point that you don't function normally in your personal life [and pay attention for signs of such behavior]. Second, travel more so you always know the status of your passport [I can actually laugh about this now]. Third, when traveling, allow yourself to give fully to the experience and never look back.

Until next time...

Photos: Robin West

Monday, March 31, 2014

{style} St. Maarten travel essentials

There are few things I love on this planet more than gold accents. So when I came across Mr. Kate's BeautyMarks [yes, they are temporary tattoos, in gold, that shimmer magnificently on your skin in the sun] I had to get them for my trip. Yes, I am quite older than I was since the last temporary tattoo application, but I will tell you, it was just like riding a bike again and our excitement to done them never faded. 

I also made sure to load up my polaroid camera with some amazing gold film that I purchased from Impossible Project that I kept for a truly special occasion.

[insert "I love goooold" reference here]

Kate Spade Gayla sunnies, Urban Outfitters hat [old, similar here + here], Dooney & Bourke Saddle Bag [similar color], Impossible Project gold film, Mr. Kate BeaurtyMarks [GET THEM NOW, TRUST]

photo: Robin West

Saturday, March 29, 2014

{weekend inspiration} as the sun goes down

If you follow me over on Instagram [and if you aren't, why the hell not!], you saw that I was loving life down in St. Maarten for a much overdue getaway with friends last weekend.  I will share more of the trip later this week, but I think this moment while watching the sunset in Grand Case on my first night was definitely one of my favorites.

photo: Robin West

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{beauty} hooked on Deborah Lippmann

When you find things that add something to your life, fit a need or just makes you happy, I always find it wise to allow yourself to indulge in that thing(s).  Now, I may indulge a bit 'too' much with certain things, but, I digress. 

My big addiction right now is Deborah Lipmmann nail polish. I never used to care about doing my nails - I would slab it on and wipe off access paint on my skin in the shower the next morning. When I actually took the time to do my nails it was obviously much more adult looking so I decided to change my ways. When I looked into Deborah's products and read up on her tips [like NEVER cut your cuticles], I started pampering myself once a week and can't stop. Between using her cuticle remover, cuticle oil, base + top coat, and her perfect colors, I've never gotten more compliments on my hands [keep them coming, honestly].

My favorite "go-to" red that has a smidge of an orange hue to perfectly match my skin is It's Raining Men [I should have mentioned the names are brilliant, too]. I also just went out of my comfort zone for my long weekend in St. Maarten [photos to come] and chose this perfect pale Blue Orchid which seemed like the perfect travel companion. When in Rome...

photo: Robin West

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{details} Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 RTW

The term "the photo doesn't do it justice" really comes in to play when you discuss runway shows. If you are lucky enough to see the clothing up close, whether backstage or from the front row, you see amazing workmanship that is sometimes jaw dropping. Truly. And then you go online later in the day to see the collection again and it's not even close to that initial feeling you had.  

That is not the case with the Dolce & Gabbana Fall Collection.  The images are breathtaking and even behind the camera lens, you can see there are spectacular pieces walking towards you. I cannot fathom what they must have looked like up close and personal, especially that teal leather embroidered/bedazzled jewel-tone glove and clutch combo [heart skips a beat].

Friday, February 21, 2014

{side by side} pops of coral

Sunday, February 16, 2014

{weekend inspiration} Clicquot in the snow

I apparently now live somewhere that chilling champagne outside like this can really happen. Le sigh.

photo: Robin West

Friday, February 14, 2014

{runway} Edun Fall 2014 Ready to Wear Collection

It's no surprise that I'm just as in love with this season's Edun presentation as I was with last September's.  The mixing of textures, layering of fabric and woven details were still the standout on each and every model that walked by.  Even the star-packed front row couldn't divert my eyes from what was being showcased before me.  And, of course, the mission of the brand to to promote trade in Africa is the best kind of inspiration that can grace NYFW.  

This is just the second collection, guys.  Good things are going to keep coming...

photos: Robin West