Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{photo diary} St. Maarten round 2

What is there really to say...

Here's the short of it. I really needed a vacation, like, really really needed a vacation. So much so that through apparent brain damage from too much work and not enough balance, I didn't even think to check my passport until the night before my trip. Sooo, though my planned vaca started out in the NY Passport Agency instead of on my original flight, I finally got my ass to St. Maarten [again] and indulged in all the glory that the island encompasses with two of my dearest friends.

From this experience I have learned a few things. First, don't let work take over your life to the point that you don't function normally in your personal life [and pay attention for signs of such behavior]. Second, travel more so you always know the status of your passport [I can actually laugh about this now]. Third, when traveling, allow yourself to give fully to the experience and never look back.

Until next time...

Photos: Robin West

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