Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{fauna} cabbage stalker

I love all flowers, as you probably know by now, so my way of not getting bored with them is choosing depending on the weather.  You know, kinda like fruits + veggies being in season, as are all types of fauna.  There is a great little deli/market a few blocks around the corner from my work on Prince St. that is kinda perfect for such a hunt.

Last month they stocked these velvety clouds of color that caught my attention.  This month was almost the complete opposite end of the spectrum with some sturdy stalks of cabbage flowers.  I actually got a kick out of people looking at me funny as to why I was protecting my veggies on the subway.  I mean, why not?  The colors, the texture, even the veiny details, were a pleasant change to bring a little bit of Fall into the digs.

photos: Robin West

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