Monday, March 19, 2012

{photo diary} Downtown Brooklyn food tour

I'm truly surprised I had the will to eat when I woke yesterday morning.  On Saturday, my friend Amanda of Slow Like Honey [a friend that likes to find new places to eat as I do] and I headed to Brooklyn to take in the sights, beautiful weather and food.  

First up was Prime Meats, a farm-to-table restaurant in Carroll Gardens.  The atmosphere is delightful and the German/American cuisine became more perfect with each bite ingested.  No matter what you crave, you must, MUST start with the house-made pretzel.  I got passed that "it looked like a face" cuteness and held myself back from devouring the whole thing.  For the main brunch event, I chose the Mushrooms with Poached Egg & Bratwurst, which was a perfect balance of everything that makes brunch a success.  

Because no meal is complete without dessert, we walked to a place that I visited on my first Brooklyn venture - The Chocolate Room [as seen here].  Hot or cold chocolate drinks, chocolates, sundaes, cakes... need I go on? My spicy hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow was a bit too thick for my tasting, but the salted + peppered chocolate treats made up for it all.

When I just said no meal is complete without 'some' dessert, I meant 2 rounds.  Amanda showed me this NYC's 5 Best Pie Shops list, and since we were somewhat in the Red Hook neighborhood, our second dessert came via Baked.  I had faith in myself until I saw that the apple pie slice was about 1/4 of a pie, which I usually wouldn't mind, but I wasn't wearing elastic pants that day. But again, the apple filling was so moist and amazing that we pulled ourselves through...

With some time wasted away in IKEA [had to walk dessert off somewhere] and the sun still out, our next stop was DUMBO.  Since Amanda has never been and the last few times I've ventured it was closed for private parties, Bubby's seemed the best place to take in the sunset and view of Manhattan.  I was honestly not even remotely hungry, but "when in Rome".  I made sure to order some biscuits and still the most amazing brisket I've ever had.  If I wasn't close to comma state I would have definitely tried to steal some of her fried chicken.

Until we meet again and waddle together again...

Photos: Robin West

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