Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{good eats} Crif Dogs

If you haven't heard of Crif Dogs, all I can say is that you need to make it one of your destinations while visiting NYC.  It's one of those great little places that you can indulge in your hot dog craving the most magnificent way possible - by piling on even more indulgent toppings like egg, cream cheese, avocado and bacon.

As a Jersey girl myself, I find it near to impossible to find something our state likes to call Pork Roll [if you live on the shore] or Taylor Ham [if you live in North Jersey]. It's a pork item that is probably only second to bacon and no one outside the Garden State eats.  Why, I ask, WHY?!?!  Anyhoo, I've been having a serious craving for the stuff so I couldn't pass up on the "Garden State" dog wrapped in Taylor Ham and topped with chopped pepperoncini, american cheese and mustard.  Eating this on a Ms. Pacman table only made it more nostalgic.  When in Rome, right?

Photos: Robin West

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