Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art Walk

Whoever said "The best things in life are free" weren't kidding!  Last night, about ten of us took to our feet and walked the open galleries in Asbury Park, NJ, including Parlor Gallery's group show "SAY it...Don't spray it!" and art 629's “Resurrection”, by the fabulous Patrick Schiavino.  Amongst the artists (and what an amazing surprise) was a fellow Academy of Art alum & fellow dormie from 5 years ago, Chris Blackstock, that was showcasing one of his beautifully crafted scrulptures.  My favorite part of the night was definitely at Parlor, where for a mere $2, a performance artist in disguise would look at you, saying not a word, and type up what they thought about you on an old typewriter (I must say that I was a little nervous letting a stranger critique me with no boundaries).  Great friends of past & present, great art and great music reminded me what a randomly small and lovely world we do live in.

Photos: Robin West


  1. Love the concept of an honest appraisal. Is a do-over a no-no?


  2. I'm sure they would take your $2 again, but the critique may be a little harsher than the first ; )