Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chuck Taylors

The anticipation leading up to receiving a package in the mail is one of those feelings that has you feeling like you are a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. It's not always the biggest most expensive presents that get you all in a tizzy, usually, either.

This is exactly my feeling when I found my replacement tie-less Chuck Taylor® slip on kicks online. The Converse® All Stars® Chuck Taylor® Slip Trompe L'oeil are a unique, and discontinued, pair of sneakers that I came across at a recent trip to the outlets. Falling in love with the painted shoe laces & speckled toe, I was very upset when the sales clerk told me that was all that they had. Well, after about an hour of hunting online, I finally came across the shoe in my size and now they are mine!! Now my excitement lays in scuffing them up in the next few summer months.

Photo: Robin West

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