Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a novel idea!

Photos: Twelve South

When you purchase a MacBook, it kind of feels like you had a baby and will do anything you can to protect it...while I have never had a baby, I think that proud feeling & excitement is there nonetheless. My PowerBook is now 5 years old and the only tell that it's not new is a few scuffs & dents on the top of it (heartbreaking).

While a do have a neoprene case & like to make it my own by throwing some buttons on it, it just doesn't seem like it would really protect 'my baby' if I dropped it; which is why the hardcover on this vintage book inspired case has everything I have been looking for. Every one of BookBook's vintage literature cases are distressed to be unique and will be sure to be a conversation piece.

The $75-99 price tag IS a little steep, but is a great investment for something so dear to you. To get yours, visit the Twelve South website and make the crucial decision of ordering in either red or black.

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