Friday, June 4, 2010

What a find! abro handbag

So, after looking at the 20+ bags I have in my closet, they all appeared boring & very muted for the, tan, dark tan, brown, light brown....all very drab. I wanted something in a light fabric or, maybe, a bright hue. Well, i found just the thing at a recent trip to my nearby Marshall's when I came across this beautiful bag from the Italian line abro, known for their fashion, function and quality. After being obsessed with the kelly green color (photo doesn't do it justice), the roominess and the "like butta" feel, I was dying to bring it home with me. And usually at 400 Euro ($600-700+), I got it on a major steal costing way less than $100. Shopping success!!


  1. fantastic bag!!!! great find. thats should be a blog... look what I found at Marshalls/ TJ/Homegoods...