Friday, June 4, 2010

Music to your ears

Taking a road trip up north, I fell back in love with Eisley's cd "Room Noises". I have been telling my friend she would like this for at least a year and finally got her to listen it, after convincing her that fist-pumping music wasn't really the kind of music to get us in the mood for a wine & jazz festival.
I came across Eisley from my friend Jake (whom is the reason that my curiosity with music was awakened) at Academy of Art in 2005, when this album first came out and ran off to Amoeba Music on Haight to purchase my very own CD. The band is considered a 'melodic indie-rock' band-for me to describe what they are, the songs are very calming, a little 'folkish' and just down right enjoyable to listen to. It's the kind of CD that I can find myself listening to all day...whether I'm laying on the beach, driving around, or listening to while walking around in a city while trying to ignore passerby's comments.

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