Saturday, September 27, 2014

{runway} Eva Fehren Presentation


There are a few ways you can look at presenting a collection during Fashion Week. You can have a "traditional" runway show... you can decide to showcase the clothes in a presentation where models stand there, allowing editors and buyers alike to view each piece a bit more closely... or, you can go the route of Eva Fehren and showcase your collection for what it is... art. 

It's not often that you see a presentation that stands out, especially this September where it seemed like nothing coming down the runway was a new idea [if I see one more sheer dress/skirt silhouette with visible high waisted under garments, which wasn't even new last season,  I WILL scream]. A woman after my own heart [I have actually pitched this idea a few times over the years, wanting to see something like this], she went the route of displaying her jewels as a gallery.

Pieces of jewelry hanging perfectly in marbled frames, accented by a perfectly placed spotlight that created the most beautiful sparkles. Models, spending hours [and I mean hours] getting their hands and faces perfected by masters, so when it was time to walk behind the white sheet and carefully put their hands and heads through the strategically placed slits, they became the art. 

Looking at the images now, there's something about the emphasis on the models' beautiful faces that remind me of the 'hall of heads' in Return to Oz. Without that creepy factor, of course.

photos: Robin West
Eva Fehren Presentation, NYFW

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