Monday, June 30, 2014

{on the street} let's hear it for the... GIRLS!

I have said it many, many, many times before and feel like a broken record by now, but I will never stop being fascinated to watch the non-verbal conversations that happen outside every Menswear show among women. One of my favorite things to do in my own wardrobe is to never allow myself to look too feminine. You girlie girls may think that sounds crazy. But in reality, when I was a child I never wore bows, pink, ruffles and such (wasn't comfortable when I was playing in the dirt finding worms), so I never feel comfortable doing 100% girlie now. 

And let's be clear. There is something extremely sexy and visually interesting about seeing a woman take on menswear - a skinny suit, a long blazer with a lot (A LOT) of leg.  I have always been a fan of "less is more" when it comes to baring skin, and these women prove the reason why 1,000x over. 

[PSA ladies: people will not forget that you have curves and a figure if you don't show it every day, promise] I mean, look at Tina Leung showing not an ounce of skin on top and baring that thigh high slit! 


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