Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{words} Roald Dahl

In Georgetown this past weekend I came across a quote at an adorable café that jumped of the board + smacked me in the face a bit. As much as I think I have grown over recent years, I still seem to find myself struggling with the endless circle of other's acceptance. Deep down I know other's opinions don't matter, and I genuinely don't care - but somehow, the worry of "what other people will think" still seems to get the best of me at times. I can snap myself out of it, sure, but the fact that it happens still I allow myself to feel a little defeated.

All of my best moments that I can remember were made because "I" truly wanted to make that decision, whether it was a big life change, career decision, or something as simple as a crazy pair of shoes. So why do we allow people, that we for the most part don't even know yet, to question or alter anything? 

Do you ever find yourself going in circles like this, too?

photo: Robin West, at Baked and Wired

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