Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{beauty} hooked on Deborah Lippmann

When you find things that add something to your life, fit a need or just makes you happy, I always find it wise to allow yourself to indulge in that thing(s).  Now, I may indulge a bit 'too' much with certain things, but, I digress. 

My big addiction right now is Deborah Lipmmann nail polish. I never used to care about doing my nails - I would slab it on and wipe off access paint on my skin in the shower the next morning. When I actually took the time to do my nails it was obviously much more adult looking so I decided to change my ways. When I looked into Deborah's products and read up on her tips [like NEVER cut your cuticles], I started pampering myself once a week and can't stop. Between using her cuticle remover, cuticle oil, base + top coat, and her perfect colors, I've never gotten more compliments on my hands [keep them coming, honestly].

My favorite "go-to" red that has a smidge of an orange hue to perfectly match my skin is It's Raining Men [I should have mentioned the names are brilliant, too]. I also just went out of my comfort zone for my long weekend in St. Maarten [photos to come] and chose this perfect pale Blue Orchid which seemed like the perfect travel companion. When in Rome...

photo: Robin West

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