Sunday, January 26, 2014

{weekend inspiration} inspiration, itself

Many of us on the east coast have found ourselves with the winter blues. The more the temperature drops, the less we want to venture outside [minus the normal caffeine or brunch fix]. I have somehow become one of those New Yorkers that works too hard + stopped taking the time to remember what makes me happy. No more dressing up for fun. Taking the camera along 'just in case'. Posting to this blog. Creating things in any sense has ceased to exist.  

I was talking to one of my partners in crime over a late lunch today + this came up. I brought up a scene from The Holiday where the older gentlemen tells Kate Winslet's character that she should be the leading lady in her own life, but she is playing a supporting role. That's it! How did this happen? [palm to face]. We are in one of the most inspiring cities + time in our lives + we get got caught up in everyday monotony.  

Now, there's nothing wrong with sitting back. But sitting back + being a passenger is a bit silly. Silly rabbits...

photo by Robin West :: Gasoline Alley Coffee

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