Monday, December 2, 2013

{good eats} Goldie's, Asbury Park

I don't normally make it a point to find Vegan cuisine [you know me, and my love for bacon], but when a friend told me to check out Goldie's in Asbury Park, I knew it was worth a trip.  Having once worked for the brilliant minds behind the restaurant [creators of Brickwall, Annex, Porta Pizzeria, etc], I knew it would be an fully-executed experience, but was still completely blown away - the custom woven strips of wood hanging from the ceiling, custom bar that encompasses the right side of the restaurant, gold bar accessories, gold accents in the paint...

This attention to detail was in the food, too [and is actually quite affordable].  As simple as the dishes sound [I had the Potato Soup, Lebanese Couscous + Ginger Beer], the flavors were perfectly decadent without being overwhelming.  I am not a chef so this is only my personal opinion, but it was great because the ingredients were allowed to shine on their own without competing with each other.  What a concept!  I mean, I don't even like Tequila, but the pairing with the Ginger Beer completely changed my mind.  

Summary: go forth immediately.

Photos: Robin West via iPhone

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