Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{good eats} Crave Fishbar

Ok, there are a lot of restaurants in NYC, A LOT.  So when you happen to just drop into one that you haven't heard of and it knocks your socks off, it's pretty incredible.  That's what it was like walking into Crave Fishbar.  A friend and I were planning on meeting at a wine bar a block over... when it was way crowded, we headed back to an adorable bar I walked by.  The front all open, white birch wood along the wall and an aroma that gives you a little smack. 

From the first sip of my Baby Jagger [I'm on a gin kick], I was hooked.  The Olive Oil Poached Octopus was THE most amazing octopus dish I've ever ingested, and I'm slightly depressed that when I went back last week it wasn't on the menu.  We also noshed on some Baby Colorado Lamb Ribs that were to die as well.  In case you haven't picked up on it, you should probably head there immediately. 

Photos: Robin West

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