Monday, August 13, 2012

{style} color me happy

I have always had a color-coordinated closet [the OCD comes out to fashion related stuff], but ever since I saw Bri Emery's closet, I realized she was doing it wayyyyy better than I was.  Some things need to be shown off, so I make sure to put my favorite pieces, or visually appealing items that I should wear more often, on display in my bedroom.  With winter comes more sequins + bedazzlement, but summer items are just as nice to wake up to...

Too many things to list, but vintage throughout [Gucci clutch + bowler, snakeskin clutch, leopard beret + pink feather hat], and art by Steve Javiel ["Love" piece] and Paperfashion [Chanel Mohawk print]

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photos: Robin West

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