Friday, April 13, 2012

{style} disco ready

What's that you say? Bold colors, sparkles, prints, leopard, spikes AND gaudy cocktail rings are too much unless you are under the age of 8?  I think not!  While your head just imploded at the thought, mine got giddy with glee.  

It all started with wanting to make this short sleeve sequin shirt more casual-appropriate. To no avail, every shirt I put under it, the long sleeve/short sleeve proportion just seemed off and a bit too weird [note to self, try it again]. So when I saw one of my favorite fashion girls over in San Francisco make it work with a denim jacket, I jumped all over it.  With the extra coat. And the purple pants. And the leopard shoes. You see where this is going...

Oh, and don't be alarmed, I do actually have a head, I just don't like to focus on it.  The clothes ARE the most important after all.

also, gaudy rings can be used as weaponry [the shoes too, actually]...just in case.

Military jacket, bedazzled top and ring [rawr] - H&M; Gap denim jacket; J.Crew printed blouse; Calvin Klein Jeans skinnies; Chelsea Crew flats: heirloom gold necklaces [worn here as bracelets]

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Photos: Robin West [multi-tasking at it's highest]

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