Monday, May 30, 2011

{Bucherondin} Olsson's Fine Food

My best friend Jill and I headed to our now annual trip to the Wine & Blues Festival in the beautifully luscious Natirar Park, NJ yesterday [I am sad to say I never put my battery in my camera after charging it, boo].  After tasting from some of the newer wineries, and laying in the shade for a few minutes, we did a cheese tasting at Olsson's stand which was unbelievable.  I am not a big cheese person, but the soft selections looked too good to pass up.  

I ended up walking away with the Bucherondin cheese, a semi-sweet cheese with a dense, flaky paste with a white bloomy rind.  The 3 different textures are incredible on the tongue and will be exceptional with my new wine purchases. Hopefully, their new store in Palmer Square ships their fine goods.


My great grandmother's beautiful inherited Noritake; Sally Hansen Kitty Kitty Salon Effects

Photos: Robin West

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