Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{Good Eats} Clyde Common

What I found fascinating about Portland was the creativity and heart that many restaurants and bars have put into the design/branding of their space.  It seemed that everywhere I went, I was more fascinated with taking in the atmosphere than reading the menu, and Clyde Common was no exception.  No surprise here, The Official Manufacturing Company-OMFGCO-were the masterminds behind the brand creation (as well as the adjacent Ace Hotel and Stumptown Coffee Roasters). 

Renee and I were able to make it for their Happy Hour menu, grabbing two seats at the large family style table in front of the kitchen.  Without hesitation, I ordered the 3 oz. hamburger sandwich with mouth-watering pickled onions.  What I wasn't sure about was what drink to order, that is, until the two women a few seats down from us got theirs and were able to give some neutral feedback on the handsome bartender's mixology.  I LOVE family style!  So, I went with the B.M.O.C. (bourbon, raw ginger syrup, Angostura and soda water).  It was like chewing into a ginger root and a little "knock your socks off" at first, but it definitely grew on me and gave me a much needed detox and refresh that I needed. 

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