Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Eats: Steamed Mussels

So, after writing my "How sweet it is" post, I started craving mussels. I always get this craving in the summer after I have a really great experience with a new twist to the dish. Not knowing the precise measurements on the recipe (though, I never really use measurements anyway) I got the basic ingredients: mussels, thin sliced fennel, thin sliced garlic, diced pancetta, diced tomato & a great white wine from Chile. Whatever type of white wine you prefer for cooking, go with it-I am loyal to South American wines.

I have to say, the flavor didn't mask or take away from the mussels and added a sweetness to them that was just perfection. The usual Italian herbs & onion gone really took this dish to the next level. It was so good in fact that to shovel the remaining goodness out of the bottom of our plates, I grilled some Italian bread on the stove with olive much better than regular toast!

If you ever experience a great new taste when out at a restaurant, find out the basic ingredients, put your own twist to it and serve to your favorite friends and family. They will be happy that you did, I know mine were!

Photos: Robin West

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