Friday, September 3, 2010

Boot Camp

Everyone has their favorite look that they like to call their own.  Mine is mixing feminine pieces with something a little masculine or rough.  If I wear a pretty floral dress, I make sure I put on my over-sized 'boyfriend' watch or a funky vest, and so on.  While I was in London this past April wandering on Portobello Road, I came across an All Saints Spitafields store.  Everything about the store screamed for me!  The windows line with old Springer sewing machines, great leather jackets that have a beautiful worn look...I wanted it all.

Then I started to pay attention to the shop girls wearing their flowy dress with the distressed 'Damisi Boot'. Everything about it read as an original Londoner.  Not realizing that these stores were popping up in the US, I grabbed mine in a beautiful brown leather way ahead of the curve thinking I was going to be the only one wearing this back home.  Now the fun part-how I can turn these into a summer boot without being too 'hard'. I LOVE the look of leaving one of the buckles undone & flipped down over a pair of fun tights.

Photos: All Saints

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