Saturday, August 28, 2010

How sweet it is

We all have a restaurant that we may not visit too often, but when we do...oh, how good!  I believe not frequenting these spots too much is probably one of the reasons why we have such memorable feelings towards it.  Mine? It's a little gem called Dish Restaurant in Red Bank, NJ.  You walk in to the quaint space & sit, where you start to gaze up and down the walls noticing the, what else, dishes hanging as art.

This visit, I chose from the $25 prix fix menu, starting with the PEI mussels.  As much as I looooove their fried spinach (it's even better than it sounds) I wanted to try something new, and thank god I did!  The broth that they were steamed in, exudes this slightly rich broth that was created with white wine, pancetta & fennel.  If I thought it was appropriate, I would have lifted the empty bowl to my mouth to pour in the remaining yumminess.  Next, the 'Rosemary Lemon Roasted Free Range Chicken'.  I usually go with the tilapia & shrimp, but the root vegetable mash & frizzled red onions were speaking to me.

Ending the meal, as my mouth is now watering, was with the homemade bread pudding (I will note that every dessert that comes out to your table is homemade). This is not really the bread pudding you are thinking of.  It's made with a warm croissant, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and god knows what other insanely addictive foood.  Man, is it good.  What's even better is if you bring home the leftover treat & heat it up for breakfast!

Photos: Robin West

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