Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Forgo Fist-Pumping on the Jersey Shore" via New York Magazine

Photo: The Breakers

As a native to the New Jersey shore, just north of Asbury Park, I am very aware of the reality and not so reality of MTV's portrayal of what the Jersey Shore really is. A few years back they aired two 'True Life' episodes following, what else, New Yorkers spending their summers in Seaside Heights (known to us natives as "Flea-side") and being out of control. After these aired was when I moved to San Francisco, getting the "you don't seem like the people in those shows...are you really from New Jersey?".

I enjoy these shows. Mostly, because if out-of-towners watch them and believe what they see, they will either not make this state more crowded by visiting, or go straight to Seaside and let me enjoy my favorite spots during the summer months. As you have seen in a few posts, I always enjoy Asbury Park and the creativity that is exuding from it's walls; art, fantastic restaurants, boardwalk treats, art's all there and has unique followers just as them.

IF you are daring to look past these shows & embrace what the 'real' shore has to offer to you, here's a beginner's guide courtesy of New York Magazine, here.

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