Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rachel Zoe Project

A teaser of the season 3 of the Rachel Zoe Project is online & creating quite a buzz!!  If you are a die hard fan, as am I, you already know that Taylor has left the Zoe nest & spread her wings to style on her own (I hear she was behind Kate Beckinsale's fantastic couture gowns at Caanes).  Now, love or hate her (I love her), her style & one-liners gave the show a great balance from Rachel's other assistant, Brad. I truly adore him too, but I can't grasp the idea of the episodes being full of "I die" and his crazy antics.

When you watch the trailer, you will undoubtedly hear Rachel's straightforward & bitter "The last thing I want to hear is something good about Taylor" to Brad's mention of her styling for the Golden Globes.  OUCH!  It appears that the rumors of Taylor stealing from Rachel's fashion closet were confirmed by Zoe in a recent interview with WWD and she still has some hard feelings pent up.  Whatever the case may be, I find it a little dis-heartening that Zoe is so straight forward with her snyde remarks in front of the cameras. Kudos to Taylor for not joining in on this now unfortuantely public drama.

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