Tuesday, February 16, 2016

{runway} New York Fashion Week - Men's Edition

I attended the recent men's collections held during NYFWM and overall, really enjoyed the atmosphere and networking far more than I ever did at the women's shows. While there was some peacocking here and there, and a few dramatic egos seen [can't say I ever saw a female leave a show after being assigned a seat in the back row, GASP!], it was much more civil, calm and engaging, and the men met IRL that I only engaged with through Instagram were even nicer in person than expected. Cheers! 

Since I already did trend-specific recaps [for Cotton, here and He Spoke Style, here], just going to focus on the details from a few of the shows, including Public School, Joseph Abboud, Todd Snyder and Siki Im. 

photos: Robin West


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