Saturday, October 19, 2013

{baked} Soni Bakes Paleo Granola

This shoot was so much fun for me.  Backstory - my friend Michelle's background in science + passion for healthy living led her to explore the Paleo diet.  While doing so, she made a batch of granola that was insanely good + addicting to all of us that she gave it to.  Grain-free granola... coconut flakes... toasted almonds... my stomach is growling as I lay in bed + type this.  

She's so passionate about this that she started baking it in her kitchen + started her own business, Soni Bakes, within a month.  I like to refer to her as my little "granola dealer".  Anyway, after one of these batches came out of the oven, she let me shoot some photos and I have to say, it's a whole 'nother level of satisfaction to do something that you love for someone you love.  Seeing the excitement on her face when we got the photo + supporting the process was simply magical.

photos: Robin West

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