Monday, April 4, 2016

{style} Madewell x Daryl K Flare Jeans

Let's talk about this whole flare trend.

These things come back about every three or so years and up until two months ago, I always said no. Not because I don't like them. But because I'm pretty sure I wore super flares (had three washes) every day through the 7th and 8th grade. Thank you, Wet Seal discount. You could say I have been out-flared. My mother also used to tell me that if you wore a trend when it was originally "out", you are probably too old when it comes back a second time. 

While that probably used to be true, trends are not the same as they once were. Every other season the 70's and 90's are back. Same with the military trend. And jewel-tones. And the high-waist (thank you). So the notion of "been there done that" seems a bit watered down now with a quickly evolving (or maybe un-evolving) fashion cycle.

With that, and there being cocktails on the ready, I found myself being pulled to these Madewell x Daryl K flares (on sale now) at the collab's launch party. I think one of the first designer pieces that I ever purchased in high school (on clearance, relax mom) was this great blue Daryl K spaghetti strap tank, so it was a mix of fond memories. Sometimes, a little trip down memory lane is OK.

Also, Madewell seems to have this automatic lift affect for the butt area that is pretty remarkable. So there's that, too.

photos: Brian

Here's an extra tip: bring the old jeans that you don't wear anymore into any Madewell store and you get $20 towards a new pair! Your old jeans are actually recycled to make housing insulation. 


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