Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{in my kitchen} Nana's matzo meal pancakes

It makes me sad to say, but I don't remember my relationship with my Nana growing up, other than the memory of her matzo meal pancakes.  Yes, the final product was incredible, but it was more about the time I spent standing next to her in the kitchen, her arm around me and my hovering over the stove that I cherish now and think about every time I cook this delicious recipe on Passover.  It is even something that my mother and I now share together, though we tend to burn ourselves on the pan much more than she ever did...

It's our little way to create a new family tradition and make sure it's around for years to come.  Even though we are the ones making it now, we definitely still taste her love in them.

Nana's matzo meal pancakes
*1/2 cup matzo meal
*1 tbsp sugar 
*3/4 cup water to start
*3 eggs
*stainless steel pan
*butter for cooking 
First thing to remember is that it will take some time perfecting this.  You will need to add water often to keep the batter very thin.  The stainless steel pan is going to be key and the longer it's heated with butter batch after batch, the better they will be!
Mix the matzo meal, eggs, sugar and water.  Butter up your pan and start frying (this is how they looked after the 2nd batch).

DO NOT STACK.  Sprinkle sugar over each pancake immediately after removing from pan.  You can be fancy and use a fork, but what I love to do is roll them up and eat them with my hands while I cook more (that's how Nana taught me).

Photos: Robin West

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  1. I've been eating Latkes since I was 4 yrs. old. My Jewish Step-Father would take us to his families Seder, where I first tried them and they were great. My mother got the recipe and started making then weekly for us kids and Pop. I've been making them myself since I was 12 and today they still taste great. 56 yrs. and still kicking as Pop would say. We have been using King's Syrup on them too or sugar. We ate them just like regular pancakes. They used to put the recipe on the box. But its easy to remember. I make double batches.