Friday, February 27, 2015

{on the street} Fashion Month Cold Front

This is the first time that I have been intrigued to follow the street style during Fashion Week(s)/Month for the Fall/Winter collections. In the past, especially last year, you had attention-hungry girls walking around during a blizzard in open toed shoes, bare legs, camisoles and no coats. Now, while we did still see a bit of that this year [only in NYC, of course. shame on you!], for the most part the fashion elite set out to the streets and created beautiful stories through impeccable layering of colors, textures and multiple pieces of outerwear.

And while I still crave the times that photographers didn't just focus on these elite and decided to highlight the lesser knowns that attend the shows in one's OWN clothes [yes, too many influencers and "street style stars" strut in borrowed pieces that are quickly returned], I am happy to see that many of the attention-seekers that treat Lincoln Center and other show neighborhoods like the Grammys [wearing fashion vs. showcasing one's own style] were cut from many roundups. 

images by Tommy Ton

- XO

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