Tuesday, December 23, 2014

{travel diary} Venezia

Last month was a magical month where I decided to live the life I always dreamed - run away during my Birthday/Thanksgiving week and travel. The last few years I have seen far too many trips crumble before my very eyes because of changed work trips, or wishy washy plans with friends. But not this year! I figured having Italian roots, spending the holidays in Italia was 'close enough'.

Because I've become slightly burnt out during the week and turned into a lazy creative in my personal life, I am sharing a 'curated' collection of photos from my wanderings around Venice. Not that the other magnificent findings are not worthy of sharing, but because there is something magical about this city that is incomparable to anywhere else. 

10 years ago I was there with my group of girlfriends, but only for about 5/6 hours and I don't really remember what we saw other than a Dali exhibit and San Marcos. Was only there for about 24 hours this time, but saw the city a different way this time - was greeted by the Airbnb host at the water taxi (thank god bc I never would have found the apartment down the maze of alleys)... walked along the canal for a Spritz at a lovely bar in Hotel Metropole... had the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner at CoVino (the owner, who was also our server, had treats from his mom, so it was a family meal)... took in San Marco at night, lit up even more by the reflections bouncing off of the damp night rain... woke up to the sound of church bells and light coming through the windows... got a lil boozed up at Harry's (a Bellini for Hemingway and a stiff Negroni as the locals do)... and ventured off across the Rialto Bridge to scour a belly full of Cichetti at Cantina Do Mori (THIS was worth the trip). 

If a photo speaks one thousand words, the city of Venice must speak Billions of words and emotions to each passerby.

photos: Robin West

- XO

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