Tuesday, December 16, 2014

{holidays} gift guide for him

Ok, now that we talked about what we want, let's talk shopping for the men in our lives. I have to say, I had it really easy growing up - my father is a music addict and all he ever wanted was CDs. There was a time that I would get a list of things to find, but since you could not find it anywhere, it turned into a gift card that he could explore with. I don't consider this lazy because it's something I knew he wanted, and something that always makes him happy. That IS the whole idea of gifting, isn't it?

So that was my foundation. And I have rarely needed to buy a guy in my life gifts as I usually ran away from them by the time the holidays came around. But what if you DO need to buy the special man in your life something? What if he has really good taste? And it's very specific? Or you just want to show him that you tried to surprise him with something that you think he'd appreciate?

Whether it's something small, something a bit fun, or something you both can enjoy, here's my roundup of dapper-approved items that will get you off the naughty list.

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