Tuesday, September 4, 2018

{style} when in Paris...

I would like to say there was a moment that I actually planned our honeymoon, but I did not. I felt guilty looking forward to something that meant the wedding would be over. Am I the only one? Not to mention, between the wedding, worried about saving every penny, and my job, I just didn't have the mental capacity.

Other than jotting down a list of cafés and vintage shops that I wanted to check out, the only thing that we (i.e. he) planned were two special dinners - the first was at Le Jules Verne. Dinner in the Eiffel Tower may seem a bit touristy and cliché, but why pass up the opportunity to get dolled up and eat atop the city's most famous landmark? There are times when cliché is just magical, and this was one of those times.

Something else happened when Brian was getting all romantical in his planning.  I came across a dress on The Real Real that throttled me into fantasizing about the trip. It was my "Carrie" dress - a few layers of taffeta, oversized floral print, and an unusual cut atop a very empire waist. A bit too much, but also I knew it was an extremely special dress that I could only make an excuse for for a stroll among the cobblestone streets, with the most iconic backdrop in the world. 

Something Bleu Hammond dOrsay Shoes (re-worn from wedding)
Vintage Velvet Clutch
Forever 21 Earrings (old)

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