Monday, October 19, 2015

{beauty} how to find the perfect perfume

I'm a creature of habit, so once I find a scent that my throat does not close up to - whether it be a candle or a perfume - I usually continue to pump the scent for years. When I first heard of the Le Labo brand a few years back, I scoffed at the price + tuned out while my friend continued to tell me why it's worth it.  Having been re-introduced to it last year + actually listening to the "why" the brand is unique [it's amazing how much more we/I listen when a handsome man is the one talking], I found myself at the beauty counter during a lunch break trying to figure out which scent I could adopt as my own.

I became drawn to the blend of white florals in Lys 41 - a blend of jasmine, tuberose + lily - which I was surprised with since overly floral or decadent parfums are the ones which bother me. [To be clear, my throat doesn't close up bc of allergies, just leftover PTSD from relatives that would bathe in bottles of disgustingly strong perfumes + then hug young children, leaving you in a blanket of scented filth.]

Then, I watched as Marcus did something I've never seen before: he created a fresh batch to be bottled right before my eyes. This is the attention to detail that the brand is known for - fresh scents blended with respect, and personalized labeling to remember the date it was created + the magician that poured the potion. While I did this for myself first, I went back a few weeks later to create a personalized scent for my mom for the holidays which she loved. 

The interesting thing that happened immediately were my colleagues asking me what I was wearing. Apparently, this scent was mixing wonderfully with the Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil that I slather on in the colder months [night + day difference, ladies], creating an even more personalized scent. [I honestly get more comments on the days when I'm wearing both than the days I forgot the oil].

Note: if the price gives you sticker shock, they offer 0.5 oz sampling for $6 each if you want to test them before you fully commit.


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