Friday, September 25, 2015

{travel diary} Firenze4ever // Luisaviaroma's Over the Rainbow

If you know me, you know that I never used to travel that often. Between anxiety to do so, and not always having someone to travel with, I could count the places I visited since I got on a plane at 21 - non work-related - on my one hand.  In the last year however, I've travelled to Milan + Venice, a quick trip to Chicago, a TRUE vacation to Mexico [coming shortly], and another quick trip to Italy. This time, Firenze!

Firenze has a very special place in my heart as this was my first destination I landed in after getting on a plane at the 'young' age of 21. My family didn't fly when I was growing up so our trips were held within driving distance up and down the east coast. So, when my best friend was studying abroad in Italy, 4 other friends were visiting her, and I had no job yet... the choice was simple.

This time was slightly different, being more of a +1 and working my way through a semi-packed weekend of events, but it was more magical than the first. When I roamed the streets of Firenze, Venezia + Roma last go-round, Firenze was my least favorite. No specific reason, really, I just found myself more in love with Roma. However, when Luisaviaroma is hosting a weekend long Style Lab, this kind of sets the tone for a memorable trip.  

Without rambling on more, some highlights included:
  • Staying in actual hotels, and not having to schlep luggage up + down stairs like last time
  • Treating ourselves to a Michelin restaurant's tasting menu, suggested by a friend gained in Milan back in November. The atmosphere at Enoteca Pinchiorri was heavenly. The food a perfect blend of old world Italian but crafted in a modern way. And after a 3-hour sitting, I left smiling with glee.
  • Luisaviaroma's first dinner, held in the courtyard of Santo Spirito after a history lesson of the wooden Crucifix crafted by the one and only, Michelangelo.
  • Sipping Aperol Spritz's every time we had a spare moment + happened to walk by a cafĂ©
  • LVR's second dinner, held at a personal vila atop the countryside across the Ponte Vecchio 
  • Seeing the sunset while crossing the Ponte Vecchio [insert praise emoji, here]
  • Frolicking around during the day in my little 2-piece outfit [I'm a girl, sue me] + meeting up with a dear friend, Anh from 9 to 5 Chic, who gives me hope that there are honest + good people still left in the fashion industry.

photos: Robin West [iphone + SLR]

- XO

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